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Our bread and butter service is tree removal. We are capable of climbing, planning and dismantling a tree of any size however the manner in which we remove the tree may vary. Tree removal may be required for a number of reasons. Our tree removal work is often carried out to allow more light to a property, office or industrial unit. This service is offered throughout the Maidstone area and deeper into Kent.

Tree removal is a process fraught with possible hazards. The hazards may vary dependant on access and space. It is here that our NPTC training and experience come in to play. The use of specialist saws and ropes ensures that the dissection and removal of the trees on your property are carried out in a safe manner for our staff, customers and their properties.

Sectional Felling

The common conception of tree removal is removing a large wedge of the trunk at the base, pulling a rope and having the tree come down under gravity. However, this isn't always possible in the more urban areas that we serve. In this instance, we use a technique called sectional felling.

Sectional felling is the safe dismantling of a tree in multiple smaller and more safely managed pieces. We bring these pieces to the floor using a controlled throw and lowering ropes. The limbs and trunk are removed using a step cut. This technique ensures that no damage occurs to the surrounding property and the tree is safely removed with minimum disturbance.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight tree felling is the more commonly known technique for tree removal. This technique requires ample space to ensure that the tree comes safely to the ground, posing no hazard to you, your property or our team.

Trees that are removed using straight tree felling are done so in a calculated manner. We make several cuts at the trunk base which make certain that the tree will fall in the desired direction and space. The tree will then come to the ground in one smooth movement and our team will set to work in reducing the tree to smaller, transportable pieces.


Key benefits of this service

We carry out tree removal in Maidstone for our clients for a number of reasons.

To remove a hazardous, decaying and unsightly tree.
To create more space around a property.
To allow more light through to a property.