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Crown thinning is carried out to allow more light through a tree canopy. The light levels are increased without making significant changes to the overall shape and size of the tree. We take care to remove crossing or rubbing branches along with any diseased wood. The tree is then pruned to reduce the density of the crown, all whilst retaining a nice, natural shape.

Increasing Airflow And Light

Crown thinning is primarily used on hardwood trees as a pruning technique. It is best described as the removal of branches and stems, allowing better airflow and light throughout the crown of the tree. Whilst better airflow and light are achieved, it also makes the tree less desirable for tree pests.

Tree Health

Branches with well established, U-shaped angles of attachment should be left when thinning. We pay close attention to those stems with narrow, V-shaped angles of attachment which often form included bark. It is these V-shaped angles that we target for removal prior to any other stems.

As we work we avoid pruning that would lead to producing a “lions tail”. A lions tail is an arborists term for tufts of branches and foliage at the ends of a branch. A lions tail is caused by the removal of inner lateral branches and foliage. This can lead to a number of unwanted effects on the tree. Sun Scalding, epicormic sprouting and weak branch structure (sometimes leading to breakage) are all undesired outcomes of poor crown thinning.

To negate the growth of epicormic sprouts and unnecessary stress, we ensure that no more than one-quarter of the crown is removed at any one time. If we feel that any more than one quarter should be removed, for the sake of the health of the tree, we will carry out this work over successive years.


Key benefits of this service

Crown thinning has a number of aesthetic and health benefits for the trees on your property.

Increases the airflow through the canopy.
Allows more natural light through the canopy.
Reduces unnecessary stress on the tree.
Creates a more presentable tree.

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