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Crown reduction is a more stressful and impactful process on the tree because of the cuts required to reduce the canopy size. If it all possible we would not perform the crown reduction. Unlike crown thinning, we use a drop crotching cut which does not cut back to a natural boundary. This can lead to the spread of decay.

We often have to advise that the desired reduction might not be possible with optimal tree health in mind. If you have a beech tree on your property, we may suggest a crown thinning instead as this species does not agree with crown reductions.

Rapid Epicormic Growth

Over-pruning can stimulate rapid epicormic growth as well as decay. Alongside these undesired effects, the canopy can often grow rapidly back to its original size.

Have you considered removal and replacement with a smaller maturing plant? This can be a more cost-effective solution with longevity in mind. If you wish to reduce the height of the tree on your property then we prefer to reduce the crown overtopping.

High Winds

Often times customers come to us with concerns that high winds in stormy weather will cause trees to blow over and they wish to have the crown reduced. This is, in fact, a less effective treatment. We encourage property owners to consider a crown thinning to allow for better airflow and reduce the possibility of storm damage.

One such instance where crown reduction may be necessary is when the root system of a well-established tree has substantial decay, creating a potentially unsafe environment.


Key benefits of this service

The aim of a crown reduction is to make specific cuts. This is done so that the foliage of the tree remains intact around the outer edge of the newly established canopy. We do this in such a way that when we are finished, you can stand back and would not be able to pinpoint where we had made the cuts.