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Chippings Tree Surgery

We are currently insured with Zenith Insurance who provide us with £2,000,000 of cover. This has been veried by Checkatrade, an industry leading review service. You can view our profile from the link at the bottom of the page.
Like we were never there. Unless, of course, you wish for us to leave chippings, logs or any of the material we have altered/removed. Tree stumps can also be removed upon request.
We take all modern day payments, whether it is cash or card. We will agree on a price prior to any work with you.
Most certainly. We can also cut the logs into smaller, easier to handle sizes. Please make certain that you mention this prior to the commencement of any work as this will affect the man-hours required.
Once we have finished removing the stump, you will be left with a light mix of mud and chip that is easy to work with should you wish to repurpose the new space.
Unfortunately, our industry isn't the quietest of trades. However, we will endeavour to work during sociable hours and keep noise to a minimum.
Yes. Safety is highly important as work. We use signage and barriers where applicable. We fell trees in the safest possible manner that your space will allow.

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